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Business and Commercial Insurance


Cheaper Insurance Direct provide several business and commercial insurance products which include:

  1. Public and Employer’s Liability, Commercial Vehicle, Shop, Office and Let Property Insurance.

Because of our unique business model which gives us access to almost 100% of the market, we can access all of the major providers including the direct insurers for the benefit of our business and commercial clients.

When arranging their business and commercial insurance, clients normally prefer to discuss their specific needs with someone so they can fully understand what’s being offered including the benefits and exclusions of their policy.  We offer the reassurance sought by our clients so that they don’t have to worry about perhaps making a mistake online. For a Free Business or Commercial Quote or just for free advice call Cheaper Insurance Direct Free on 0800 161 3050.

As with all our other products we are able to source the best rates for our business and commercial customers and great cover too, that will normally match what they are obtaining from their current provider at a better rate.

What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

If your business brings you into contact with clients or members of the public, whether you are a hairdresser or clothes shop, builder, carpenter or accountant, then chances are you’ll need Public Liability Insurance. Public Liability Insurance makes sure your business is covered if anyone makes a claim against you for damages, which could include anything from personal injury to damage to property, even though they are not an employee.

Examples of Liability Claims

All of the following claims are real claims that we have dealt with on behalf of our liability insurance customers.  Had they not purchased liability insurance, they would have been liable to pay for the total costs of these claims out of their own pocket.

Claim 1 - You are putting a nail in a wall to hang a picture and hit a pipe causing water leakage and damage to the property of your customer.
Total Claim Cost      £8,000

Claim 2 - You are fixing some electrics and blow the house fuses causing multiple damage to electrical appliances- it would be your responsiblity to replace all damaged items.
Total Claim Cost      £3,500

Claim 3 - You drop a tin of paint, it hits your employee’s leg. As a result he/she suffers an injury. Your insurance will cover the cost of compensation if the employee pursues a claim against you.
Total Claim Cost      £5,000

What’s Included in a Shop Insurance Policy?

With your retail shop insurance policy, you may like to include:

Public liability insurance
This will cover your shop or retail business for any claims that arise from clients or members of the public who have suffered damaged property or injury as a direct result of your business operations.

Employers’ liability insurance
This will cover claims made by employees that have been made ill at work or suffered a work related illness. If you have any employees working for you, it is compulsory by law that you obtain your Employer’s Liability Insurance.

Shop building cover
Buildings insurance for your shop or retail premises is available as part of your retail shop insurance quote on request. It will cover the building from where you operate should it become damaged as a result of risks such as fire, flood or theft.

Shop stock and contents cover
If you wish to protect your contents and your stock from risks such as theft, fire and flood shop stock and contents cover is vital. Your equipment, fittings and all kinds of stock will usually be covered under this type of policy.

Business interruption protection
Unexpected occurrences can be costly for a business. Business interruption would cover any lost income or additional expenditure spent during an occurrence that would cause your retail business to stop trading.

Shop money protection
Shop money protection will cover a range of money sources that may be stolen from your retail business. Cash will be included, along with stamps, postal orders and vouchers.

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